More doodleages

On AZBlogX, three final sets of XXX-rated collages in which my doodles figure prominently:

from 12/5/16, “Doodling with the critters”: 8 XXX-rated collages with critter descriptions (of insects, spiders, scorpions, snakes) plus doodles

from 12/6/16, “Doodling with dinos”: 13 XXX-rated collages combining dinosaur descriptions with doodles

from 12/6/16, “Miscedoodles”: 10 XXX-rated collages with prominent doodles in them, on various themes — some with found captions, some with captions composed for the occasion

Almost all of these are relegated to AZBlogX because they have penises in them, but there are a few with merely racy images of men. Here’s #1 (But is it art?, Superman wondered, as the penguins surfed) from the last set, with a grim surprise in the caption:

Brett and Cody watched in
fascination as the
penguins burst into

Other Miscedoodle captions:

The spectacle of the
woolly mammoths below
so inflamed the young men that
they prepared to catapult over the edge.

Dave had never before experienced a
man who actually tasted like chicken.

Some days,
not even the tattoos,
not even the boots,
were enough to stave off Curt’s despair.

It was an unorthodox therapy,
but Thor had found that it
almost always perked his clients up.


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