Play with your hot dogs

As the run-up to the American holiday Memorial Day continues (only 9 days to picnic time), Pinterest has responded with a board of playful things you can do with hot dogs — sometimes moderating their potential as phallic symbols, sometimes accentuating it. Five examples follow.

1. A 4-pak, showing only the results, not the process:


I’m especially fond of the octopus on the lower left: a dick with fingers. The items on the lower right, which look like swaddled babies, seem really creepy to me.

2. Wave your magic wand, Dick Fairy:


The bun cries out to be toated.

3. Hearts: two dickheads beating as one, with process pictures:


4. Hot dogs stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, and grilled — a preparation Ann Burlingha write about on Facebook recently as one of the pleasures her mother provided for her girls when she was growing up (and I recalled with great pleasure as well):


This looks like it’s made with Kraft Singles or slices of some other processed cheese food, rather than with real cheese. (In the household of my childhood, we used real cheddar for these filled bacon dogs.)

5. Taquitos! Fill with cheese, wrap in a taco, and deep-fry


Dip them in a Mexican red chili sauce.

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