Rainbow pasta

From Kim Darnell, links to the work of Seattle pasta artist Linda Miller Nicholson (@saltyseattle on Instagram), in particular her rainbow pasta:

(#1) Screen shot from the video “How to Make Rainbow Pasta” by Salty Seattle, which you can watch here

Beautiful, and colored with only natural ingredients.

Her rainbow ravioli (before cooking):


And her rainbow culurgiones (culurgiones are Sardinian stuffed dough pockets — in effect, Sardinian stubby ravioli):

(#3) 🌈Culurgiones filled with gruyere fondue

Her colorings:

🔸roasted red pepper
💙butterfly pea flower

She makes an extraordinary range of pastas, with many color schemes.

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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    I wonder how well these things hold their color when cooked.

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