The Spirit of Geometry

In today’s Zippy, Magritte goes on and on:


Here, the Magritte The Spirit of Geometry is cartoonized, like the paintings in this posting of March 10th:


Two things: about the Magritte; and about the title of my previous Zippy posting (alluded to above), “Magritte goes on”.

On the Magritte. #1 is unsettling, even for a Magritte: a mother and child, except that the mother has a baby’s head and the child has the head of a mature woman.

Magritte goes on. The phrase is an allusion to two (unrelated) songs familiar to me: “And the Beat Goes On” by the Whispers (1980) (video here) and “The Beat Goes On” by Sonny and Cher (1967) (video here).

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