The baby and the little kid (part 1)

Not about language, but about my life. In photographs from over 70 years ago. Partly in response to a request from a friend on Facebook to post baby photos, partly as part of a project to post more family photos for my grand-daughter Opal.

Three: a photo of me as a newborn in 1940, with my young and delighted parents; then a page of four snapshots of me as a baby; and another page of 4 of me as a little kid. More to come.

The earliest photo of all, posted here on 2/7/11 in “Old photographs”:


My mother, Marcella Rice Zwicky, and my father, Arnold Melchior Zwicky. Known, in almost all friendly social contexts as Marty and Zip: my mother detested the name Marcella, and disliked her birth middle name, Ida, almost as much; Zip was my dad’s college nickname (he had a lot of zip).

In those days, everybody wore hats for serious occasions.

Baby time. A set of four snapshots:


Upper right: left to right, my maternal grandmother, Susannah Hershey Rice (who was boundlessly nice, but rarely smiled; she had a very hard life indeed); my aunt Marian (Marian Fries as she was then), my mother’s twin sister; and my uncle Herb Fries, bottle-feeding a very small me.

Upper left, mother and baby (I am now able to sit up, but not yet walk).

Bottom right, father and baby.

Bottom left, chaired baby.

The little kid (part 1). Now mobile, the kid in another page of 4:


On the top, the lone kid. On the bottom, the familial kid.  Left: my mother, my paternal grandmother (Bertha Waelti Zwicky), me, my paternal grandfather (Melchior Arnold Zwicky). Right: mom, dad, and me. I can’t identify the settings at all.

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