Another gay back-formed verb

First came to gay-marry (or gay marry), back-formed from gay marriagehere — and now we get to gay-flirt (or gay flirt) ‘flirt with gays’ (said of straight men), back-formed from the synthetic compound gay-flirting ‘flirting with gays’ — this in a Steam Room Stories video “Straight Guys Who Gay Flirt”:

The characters are guys in a steam room talking jokily about sexual subjects: among them, masturbation techniques, testicle self-examination, being piss shy, telling when a guy is gay, getting pegged, gay drinking games, “the 9-inch Italian” (which turns out to be a submarine sandwich), and the game of Gay Chicken (between two straight men; the guy who pulls back first from kissing his buddy loses). Some of the guys are straight, some gay, and they’re all in great shape.

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In “Straight Guys Who Gay Flirt”,

Our two straight studs argue about which one of them gets the attention from the gay guys in the gym

so they flirt competitively with a gay guy.

Some straight  guys do gay-flirt, usually because they enjoy the attention. It’s also been reported that some straight guys gay-flirt as a way of practicing flirting techniques that they can then use with women.

(Of course, there’s also gay flirting ‘flirting by gays’ and gay flirting ‘flirting like a gay’.)


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