Penis size in the steam room

Today’s Steam Room Stories (which you can view here) circled around once again to a topic always of fascination to the young men in the steamroom: penis size. One guy confessed that he was down because his girlfriend freaked out as they were getting into serious love-making. He’d warned her that he had an infant-size penis, and she was cool with that, but then when it came time for his pants to come off, she freaked. Oh, his steamroom buddy says, that’s totally insulting, to reject a guy because he has a little penis. No, no, the first guy said, I didn’t warn her that I have a penis the size of an infant’s, but that I have a penis the size of an infant: 6 lbs. 7 oz. and 18 inches long. His buddy asks to see, and is then suitably astounded. The big reveal:

Believe it or not, I have a posting in the queue with a section on micropenises, but I won’t try to fold that into this posting, which is really about ambiguity in compounds.

But, yes, 18 inches is way way off human scale, the longest recorded erect penis coming in at about 13.5 inches (and anything roughly 9 inches or more counting as a macropenis).

Compounds are notorious for their ambiguity; clarity is  the price you pay for the brevity of compounds. The compound infant-size (similarly, infant-sized) is ambiguous between ‘the size in an infant, very small’ and ‘the size of an infant’.


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