A piece of male art

From Chris Ambidge a little while back, this arresting piece of sculpture in the form of a human body — a collaboration between model and photographer to yield an image that looks like something made of a silvery metal. In a pose that reminded Chris of photos I’ve posted of male ballet dancers executing movements that make them appear to be flying in mid-air; but this man is posing supported:

An extraordinary, almost hyper-real body in a remarkable pose.

Chris found this on the net, on a site that identified neither the model nor the photographer, though both deserve credit (and praise). So I went to the Google images site in the hope of finding at least one of these pieces of information.

And found that the image had been passed around from one image-aggregation site to another, with never an attribution.

Some people who posted the image thought the model was a bodybuilder, and some thought he was a practitioner of yoga (and a tribute to the vegetarian way of living), and a few lovers of beards were engaged by his scruffy face, but no one seems to have wondered who he was or what the photographer was after in the image.


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