The Dingburg Diaries

Briefly: a gift from my friends Sim and Mike recently: a signed copy of The Dingburg Diaries, a collection of all the Zippy strips from June 2010 through January 2013 (#11 in the collection of “annual” collections, the earlier ones having actually been annuals, while this one covers about three years in a much thicker book).

An accompanying card from Sim says:

Bill Griffith was at the [Miami] Book Fair this year, so, of course, we thought of you. I told him of your blog and how you riffed off hs work for linguistics. He was intrigued.

I have all the other annuals, but hadn’t gotten around to getting this one, so this was a perfect gift.

I post a lot of Zippy strips on this blog (inventory here), but I often miss ones that would fit here, so I can use the volume to look through the whole set of strips and see if there are some I’d like to add; then there’s an excellent archive on the site for the cartoon, so I can retrieve good digital copies to reproduce here. Nice.

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