Pick your Presidential pet

Pat Byrnes has been on an extended POTUS run in the New Yorker‘s daily cartoons. Today’s offering shows us Presidential Pick-A-Pet:

“A pet always boosts a President’s approval rating.”

A large black spider (perhaps a tarantula), a vulture, a scorpion, a rattlesnake, a rat, a hyena, a wild boar, and a shark.

Apparently, [REDACTED] is the first President to move in without a pet in over a century. In fact, they all had at least one dog (some more than one, and TR had a whole menagerie), though Harry Truman didn’t care for dogs (but was given them by admirers). Meanwhile, [REDACTED]’s family has apparently never had a pet, much less a dog. The man himself has a thing about germs and dirt, so he probably finds dogs dirty, disgusting, repellent, not to mention an intrusion on his space.

As for the pets, I vote for the hyena. Though I’m sorry to see that Komodo dragons and Tasmanian devils didn’t make it to the finals.

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