Wolverine eats a weenie

From the queerty site on the 11th, “37 Unintentionally Gay Moments in Comic Book History”, this Fleer trading card from 1995 (in a series of X-Men trading cards from the period):

Wolverine is here using his three retractable claws as skewers for grilling a frankfurter for eating as food, but (if you’re inclined to seeing such things) the drawing is also open to the interpretation that rather than literally eating a weenie ‘hot dog’, Wolverine is metaphorically eating (that is, fellating) a weenie ‘penis’.

Hat tip to John Gintell for the queerty link. I had seen, and posted about, earlier compilations of these unintentionally  gay moments in earlier comics, but the inventory keeps expanding; 37 is a substantial number.

Fleer, the maker of Double Bubble bubblegum, offered trading cards — mostly on sports subjects, but with some other specialties as well — with its startling pink gum.

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