The labors of Corónsyphùs

Bob Eckstein today in Wired:

(#1) The Sísyphùs of the corónavìrus, always at his labors

A natural cartoon idea, which many have latched onto.

Bob posted #1 on his FB page today, eliciting this exchange:

From Isabella Bannerman: “We are thinking alike, Bob Eckstein, but I like yours better with the PPE.”

(#2) From her website: “I have been the Monday cartoonist for King Features Syndicate’s “Six Chix”  since 2000.” And she has a Page on this blog.

And then:

Jeff Hobbs > Isabella Bannerman: the same gag idea ran across my brain, too, but I always google it to see if its already been riffed on and saw a whole page of them. That’s the tricky thing about cartooning – all thoughts are floating in the ether, just a matter of who grabs them first and twists them in a unique combination.

Bob Eckstein > Isabella Bannerman: yeah, I know, now that others, okay everyone, has done this. I would not have submitted this cartoon nowadays but actually this was submitted around March 7th which is why it’s the wrong color. The color changed.

In fact, on this blog, back in March: on 3/16/20, in “Corónsyphùs: Strength Through Biochemistry”, in #1 there, a Vadim Temkin CGI composition:

(#3) Workout of the Titans: corónavìrus vs. Sísyphùs, showing Sisyphus’s ceaseless efforts pushing a monstrous COVID-19 molecule up a mountain

Even earlier, on 3/14/20, in “Higashi Day cartoon 4: tending the stone”, I posted this JAK (Jason Adam Katzenstein) cartoon “Sisyphus works from home”, with a different take on the fix we are all in these days:

(#4) Sisyphus and his stone

(JAK is something of a Sisyphist; my 3/14 posting has some other cartoons of his on the theme.)

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