Corónsyphùs: Strength Through Biochemistry

Now available in home video: CORÓNSYPHÙS, a PROVEN exercise regimen for the ARMS AND LEGS that achieves POWERFUL MUSCLE MASS while you perform a SOCIALLY USEFUL (though apparently futile) task!!

(best when used with Purella de Villi gut-strength hand cleanser*)

(#1) Workout of the Titans: corónavìrus vs. Sísyphùs

CGI Art of the Pandemic by Vadim Temkin (posted by him yesterday). Note Sisyphus’s remarkable arm and leg musculature, built up by his ceaseless efforts pushing a monstrous COVID-19 molecule up that mountain.

(* allusion tracker: Purell; Cruella de Vil; the villi of the small intestine)

There’s a ton of competition for the CORÓNSYPHÙS program, for instance:


Meanwhile, only two days ago on this blog: “Higashi Day cartoon 4: tending the stone”, with a sessile take on Sisyphus and his rock as the pandemic unfolds.



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