Bearfly boy

(Well, it’s crudely jokey men’s underwear, so not to everyone’s taste.)

As advertised on the cheap-shopping site Wish recently, these remarkable boxer briefs with a pattern showing a black bear peering out from an open fly, surmounted by a belt:

(#1) He comes in colors / You can tell him from the clothes he wears

(Hat tip to a net friend who came upon this item among pages of teaser offers on the Wish site. I spent an hour or two trying to find the listing on the site, hoping to see how it was described, but without success.)

I was moved to break out boldly in anapests:

Bearfly boy with cheek of orange

The belt is as faux as the fly
And the bear is a trickstery dick;
The buckle can’t prong any hole
And the bearfly is minus a prick

And then I discovered that there was an entire genre of cheap men’s underwear with simulated belts or joke pouches or (very often) both, in lots of colors.

Two further items in the genre:

(#2) From AliExpress, belt-print low-rise briefs in various colors — here, in pink

(#3) From the DressLily site, faux belt and faux button fly, advertised as “funny belt printed button design boxer briefs” (also available in many colors)

Say “Hi!” to the pouchbear; you can’t always see him, but there’s one nestled in every package.

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