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It occurred to me (during fevered sleep) that it might be worth checking out {“is synonymous with quality”} and similar expressions linking a product or company name with a desirable characteristic. It’s a gold mine.

A few examples:

The name Danuser is synonymous with quality. (link) [Danuser augers, auger bits, and other equipment]

Defined by iconic simplicity and subtle seduction, there is nothing like a Calvin Klein design. Calvin Klein Hosiery is synonymous with quality. (link)

Gold Coach is synonymous with quality, reliability and superior customer care. (link) [Gold Coach bus tours]

Gucci: A Line that is Synonymous with Quality (link) [Gucci fashion house]

And many, many more. Expanding the search a bit:

The GenXXLGear brand is synonymous with good service, happy clients and quality product. (link) [health and fitness products]

The name Peter Lipitch is synonymous with good service. (link) [fine antique furniture]

And trying another verb:

Skoda Means Quality. Really
The Czech carmaker has shed its shoddy image, gone global, and is raking it in (link)

UA Leads the Way through Quality
Arizona means Quality (link) [University of Arizona, Tucson]

And even:

Yes Gibson means shoddy work. (link) [Gibson guitars]

So, in general, the vocabulary of semantic relations can be deployed to link the names of products and institutions with characteristics (usually, desirable ones) of them.


4 Responses to “More synonymy”

  1. Theophylact Says:

    Quality is our middle name.

  2. Rick Wojcik Says:

    If you look up the definition of “linguist” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Arnold Zwicky next to it.

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