Name that stuff!

So what is this stuff?


Useless hint #1: It’s from Australia.

Useless hint #2: It’s organic.

Useless hint #3: It’s vegetable rather than animal.

I’ll stretch things out a bit more by telling you that the images in this posting came to me via Ned Deily, who’s taking a summer vacation in Oz, and passing on lots of photographic records of the trip.

Answer: It’s a food, a Persian food in fact. Insubstantial and wispy.

From Wikipedia:

Pashmak … is a form of Persian candy floss or cotton candy, made from sesame  [oil] and sugar [but a bit of flour to bind it together]. The word Pashmak in Persian is composed of … pashm [wool] + … ak [resemblance suffix] meaning “wool-like”, as the confectionery resembles sheep’s wool.

Pashmak is served on its own or as an accompaniment to fruits, cakes, ice creams, puddings and desserts.


It comes in various flavors and colors (Orange Blossom above), which you can explore on the Pariya (Australia) mail-order site, here.

The notable thing linguistically here is the name Persian fairy floss (take a moment to giggle), which falls in with the other fairy Y snowclonelets I looked at in a posting of 11/24/14 — in this case, connoting sometimthing fairy-like by virtue of being small, delicate, or insubstantial.

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