slide in(to) (y)our DM’s

(Guys in sexy underwear, yes, but no more than that. Plus a recent slang idiom.)

Daily Jocks yesterday:

   (#1) SLIDE IN OUR DM’S!

We are looking for hot new influencers to promote DailyJocks products, follow us & like our most recent post for the chance to become a DailyJocks influencer.

We will be sending out products for you to take pictures in & share with the world!

Lots of smiling — I’m big on smiles — in these amateur underwear photos, as compared to the sturdy studly pro shots.

The slang initialism DM (for direct message) I already knew, but the larger idiom slide in(to) (y)our DMs was new to me (but I’m so far from plugged into new things that I should be treated as permanently unplugged).

From the Know Your Meme site:

Slide Into Your DMs (permutations are common and may include: Slide Into Her DMs, Slide Into Yo DMs, Slide Into the DMs, often with the word “like” after the phrase) is a catchphrase which refers to the act of direct messaging another person [whether stranger or acquaintance] on a social media platform, usually for romantic reasons, in a smooth or cool way. While the phrase can be used literally, it is often parodied by being attached to videos or photographs of people engaging in awkward behavior [especially involving sliding].

It’s currently unknown where the term originated. The first online examples, including some GIFS with the tag and a Yahoo answers post, seem to appear in November 2013. At that point, the only social media platforms that allowed direct messaging were Twitter and Facebook; Instagram introduced direct messaging in December of 2013, and Vine premiered the feature in April of 2014.

One of the first popular examples of the term was this hip hop single by M-Boy titled “Slide Into Your DMs,” which was released on January 8th, 2014 [available on the Know Your Meme site].

So slide your body into sexy underwear and offer yourself to DJ customers romantically — but in a smooth, cool way.

As it happens, there are at least three D.M. men’s underwear companies, all into sexiness.

One, just D.M., source of (among other things, this smiley brief:

   (#2) Front view

   (#3) Rear view

Then Don Moris, offering Turkish delights, including this rainbow thong:


From their website (as is):

Welcome to our website. We appreciate your time no matter you are  purchasing or just looking. We are happy to introduce ourselves as a famous professional manufacturer and supplier of sexy men’s underwear ..

We come from Turkey, the manufacturing center in the world and our company, Don Moris, is one of the largest sexy men’s underwear manufacturer. We have what you are looking for and more.

We supply all types of fine sexy underwear such as: boxers, thongs, jockstraps, briefs, bikinis, sexy men’s panties, men’s panties, slips, erotic underwear, swimming wear.

Finaly, Danny Miami / DannyMiami, all beach sweaty-sexy, as here:

   (#5) The leopard

From the website, earnest burbling:

I am so excited you are here and I cannot wait to see you rocking your DannyMiamigear!

It all started with a dream to express my creative vision through fashion. From a very early age, I loved the beach. The beach has always been the ideal place for me to unwind and relax. In younger years, I was obsessed with obtaining the perfect tan. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and wanting to have the perfect body to complement that tan.I knew a little sun made a big difference. It just made me look better all-around specially in swimwear and undies.

Seeing myself in undies after the right tan was everything….. but the underwear itself was always soooo boring. I wanted to wear a piece that felt unique in every way, but my taste was too extravagant for what was out in the market. And that is how everything began.

The idea of having my own underwear line took years in the making. I took designing these pieces very seriously and educated myself in the craft. Additionally, I searched for the best fabrics with the most flattering fits. For me creating incredible patterns was also a must. In all it took years of intense labor and dedication, but in July 2015 came into fruition. Hard work paid off and from the start it became an instant success. All pieces were sold out within a month. The receptiveness of my original designs inspired me to continue creating even more remarkable pieces, thus giving rise to the fashion name of DannyMiami.

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