More on the sports interview

In a comment on a Bizarro cartoon on the vacuity of sports interviews (#2 here), Stan Carey supplies a fine VectorBelly strip on the subject:

(The verbing sports is entertaining.)

About the strip: its website tells us that the artist is named Mike, and adds these whimsical but not very informative remarks:

VectorBelly is home to “Our New Electrical Morals”, a journey about friendship and journeys and sometimes other things. VectorBelly also contains some bonus projects, such as older comics, music, and a game.

There’s this fine fellow with a hat filled with marshmallows. His best friend is a cat who conducts business. Wendy is the fellow’s slightly neurotic cousin. Mr. Mountain yells and gives public service announcements as part of his state-mandated community service. There’s also a fish.

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