The succulent report

Garden news from Ramona St.: two succulents (a variegated agave and an aloe vera) advance, yellow cymbidium (orchid) comes into bloom. Pictures of the first two below, of the third to come (when the flowers open up fully).

The variegated agave (Agave desmetiana) in 2016:

(#1) The agave in penguin-land

Now today, in the very same pot, but in a new setting:

(#2) Bigger, taller, and with four offshoots (“pups”); the penguin endures

Just to note that the tips of those handsome fleshy leaves are fierce needles. Trimming the plant is perilous. I have been twice wounded.

The aloe vera with a flower stem, now over 2 ft. long / tall, and still throwing out new buds:


Yes, that little compact plant has produced this extraordinary growth, its second this season; it’s been flowering for almost 6 months now.

That flower stalk may be awkward-looking, but it regularly attracts hummingbirds, just outside the window where I work. Little moments of delight.

As for the cymbidium, it bloomed early last year, at the end of November (these are winter-blooming plants, which used to bloom here from roughly mid-December through mid-May). This year its flowers are a month earlier than that, and bigger than last year’s.

Meanwhile, more cymbidium blossoms on the way.

2 Responses to “The succulent report”

  1. Robert Coren Says:

    The title is a nice touch, allowing one to read “succulent” as an adjective.

    Also: gardening gloves are your friend.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      On the title: ah, you see through my devices.

      On gardening gloves: I have them, but forget to use them when dealing with the agave; my other plants are soft-bodied and unaggressive.

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