Andrea Zwicky

From Google Alerts, a brief mention of the actor Andrea Zwicky, from her extremely brief entry in IMDb:

Andrea Zwicky is an actress, known for Scotchend (2016).

That’s it. No age, nationality, picture, whatever. But there’s the link to Scotchend. And there’s the net. From which we discover that she’s yet another Germanophone Swiss Zwicky.

Scotchend, a b&w film noir short, in German, filmed in Switzerland (Kanton Zurich and Brugg, Kanton Aargau):

(#1) Showing Isabelle Flachsmann as Anna

and the actor AZ (now age 27):


The plot summary accompanying the YouTube soundtrack sample (in an awkward English translation that I’ve polished a bit):

The story takes place in the Fifties… Frank discovers his wife Agathe’s affair through his niece and now he wants to divorce her. At the same time Agathe and her young lover are planning Frank’s murder to inherit his money. This perfidious plan fails. An anonymous blackmailer is able to prove the murder plot and he makes a high demand for his silence. This is too much to take for Agathe and finally she agrees to the payment request. During the delivery of the money everything becomes clear. Agathe’s lover was just a fake. Agathe gets shot and her lover and his true partner celebrate their carefully preconceived plan. But this is not the end. Someone else holds all the aces.

(Cue the music.)

Characters and casting:

George (Marco Canadea), Agathe (Anna Tenta), Frank (Vlasto Peyitch), Anna (Isabelle Flachsmann), Kellner (Matthias-Leonhard Lang), Maia (Andrea Zwicky)

Anna Tenta, born 3/3/77, is an Austrian-Swiss actor, dancer, and choreographer.  Isabelle Flachsmann, born 5/10/78, is a Swiss pop singer.

The film’s title is the present participle of the verb scotchen ‘to scotch, stop, kill’ (compare the English verb scotch ‘decisively put an end to’ (NOAD)).

And on AZ, from the HKB (Hochschule der Künste Bern) site: born 12/6/90 in Basel (now 27), of Swiss nationality; a native speaker of German; also fluent in English and French; sings soprano or  mezzo-soprano; plays the violin; is a dancer; and holds a Master of Arts in Expanded Theater from HKB, 2017, and a Bachelor of Arts in Theater – Schauspiel from HKB, 2015.

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