Four at midweek

Four recent cartoons, on varied subjects: two One Big Happy strips; a Bizarro with a portmanteau; and an ecard-like strip.

The first OBH, on invented words and lying:


The second OBH, on words (here, the physical form of printed number words, that is on numerals) vs. the things to which words refer (here, numbers, considered as mathematical objects). The first can be phyaically halved , i.e., divided into two parts of equal size; if the division is made along the vertical axis, one part looks like an epsilon, the other like the numeral 3, but if the division is made along the horizontal axis, the two parts each look like the numeral 0 or the letter O:


But someone who asks what “half of eight” is is asking about the number, not the numeral, and is expecting “four” as the correct answer.

On to a very silly portmanteau in the Bizarro:


That’s paparazzi (those annoying photographers) + pepperoni (as a topping for pizza).

Finally, a wry ecard-like cartoon on the half-full / half-empty trope, with a surprise (and vulgar) resolution:


This came to me on the I Fucking Love Science site; I don’t know who the creator is.

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