The lure of Zip’s

Today’s Zippy toon, at Zip’s diner in Dayville CT, with Zippy spreading his love for taco sauce:


At least the eighth appearance of Zip’s in Zippy.

From my 3/28/16 posting “Rendezvous at Zip’s”:

Today, Zippy once again confronts his diner essence at Zip’s in Dayville CT… I say “once again”, because this is the seventh Zippy to depict or mention Zip’s since it first appeared in the strip on 5/10/98.

An inventory followed in that posting. The actual diner, from the side:


I am myself much taken by the name Zip’s, since Zip was my father’s college nickname — he had lots of zip, as in this NOAD entry:

noun zip: … 2 informal energy; vigor: he’s full of zip

And then it became his nickname for everyday use, by almost everyone, including my mother. So I grew up with parents called Marty (for Marcella, a name my mother detested) and Zip. (Zip was useful to distinguish me from my father, since we were both named Arnold.)

As far as I know, my dad never visited Zip’s in Dayville, or even knew that it existed.

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