Rendezvous at Zip’s

Today, Zippy once again confronts his diner essence at Zip’s in Dayville CT:


I say “once again”, because this is the seventh Zippy to depict or mention Zip’s since it first appeared in the strip on 5/10/98.

The actual Zip’s:


Dayville is a village/district in the town of Killingly, Connecticut (in the northeast corner of the state).

From the Zip’s website:

We have history stemming from the 1950s. The classic 50’s diner has a lot of history and has served customers from around the world. The name “Zip” was the nickname of retired Connecticut state trooper, Henry “Zip” Zehrer, who started in the diner business in 1946 in Danielson, CT. The original diner was located on Route 6 between the Powdrell and Alexander Mill.

New beginnings: When the new diner opened its new location in Dayville on Memorial Day weekend in 1954, it was run by a young Conrad and Olive Jodoin. The Jodoins purchased the diner from the Zehrers in 1960. Over the following years, it became a true family business with help from their children.

A family run restaurant: In 1980, the diner began its second generation of ownership under Tom Jodoin, with brothers Robert and James running the kitchen. Today, the diner is on its third generation of family ownership.

The rest of the Zip’s sequence, leading up to #1:







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