Like Father, Like Son

Over on AZBlogX, a long and fairly intricate posting about the gay porn flick Like Father, Like Son (LFLS), which came up as the focus of the Titan Cyber Monday sale. There are 19 images in the posting, all of them except the first (the image in the ad) unquestionably X-rated, so that posting is not for the kiddies or the sexually modest. (I’ll look at the first image below.) There are occasional flickers of linguistic interest, but they are scarcely the point.

The theme of the flick is intergenerational sex between men, centering on two young men who are best buddies and also sex partners, and on their fathers. The sons seek sex with older men as well as with one another, and they contrive to arrange things so that each will have sex with the other’s father, thus satisfying their desires while avoiding the incest taboo: I won’t do my dad (that would be icky), but I’ll do yours, bro (that would be hot hot hot). This sets up a complex symmetry of a sort worthy of comic opera, with the additional wrinkle that all the characters are randy gay men (with, of course, monumentally huge penises, which the sons inherited from their fathers), so everyone wants to have sex with everyone else, except for the father-son pairings.

(There are plenty of gay porn flicks that simply depict young guys who want sex with substantially older men and older men who want sex with substantially younger guys — and more generally, that depict gay male relationships configured emotionally as “daddy-boy” pairings, regardless of the ages of the men involved. But there’s an inclination to skirt as close as possible to actual (rather than fantasy) father-son pairings. Doing your buddy’s father or your son’s buddy is one route. Doing your stepfather or stepson is another route, and in fact that comes up in LFLS.)

To introduce the characters (giving the full porn names of the actors who portray them, who I will after this refer to just by their first names):

the buddies: Caleb King and Luke Adams

the fathers: David Anthony, father of Caleb, and Casey Williams, father of Luke.

The plot, such as it is: Caleb and Luke get it on; then David and Casey get it on; then Caleb gets it on with Casey and Luke with David. (The actual sex acts aren’t important to my telling here, which is all about the way the sex is structured.)

That first image has David and Caleb standing next to one another, trading fondly familial glances, while Luke is on his knees in from of David, with his face in David’s crotch, and Casey is on his knees in front of Caleb, with his face in Caleb’s crotch. The heads of the men on their knees mask the genitals of the standing men (the image is therefore technically not X-rated), but what we’re watching is clearly a fellatiofest, and I was reluctant to post it on WordPress or distribute it to Facebook or Google+. Here it is, with the fellators cropped out:

David Anthony is a veteran pornstar, one I like a lot and have posted about at least seven times on AZBlogX. Caleb King is a newbie to porn, in the business for such a short time that he only recently fixed on his porn name.

(And is so new to the business that one site referred to a CockyBoys video from not long ago as the one in which he “lost his on-camera cherry”, that is, the one in which he engaged in receptive intercourse on-camera for the first time — a nice extension of the idiom to lose one’s cherry ‘to engage in receptive intercourse for the first time’.)

What makes my AZBlogX posting so long is that I followed the careers of the four principals through other films and videos (acting with a number of other pornstars), paying special attention to the guys in their 20s, but also noting that Casey withdrew from porn for a while and then came back as even beefier than he’d been before and transformed from a fairly white-bread pornstar with a head of blond hair into a leather daddy in a buzzcut. Some of these leads, with the LFLS actor’s name boldfaced:

The Stepfather 2 (Caleb King, Matt Stevens); Muscles in Leather (Casey Williams, John Magnum); CockyBoys scenes (Caleb King, Brandon Jones, Gabriel Clark, Adam Russo, Sean Cross); various other videos (Luke Adams, Ray Han, Noah Jones, Colby Jansen, Tommy Defendi, Christian Wilde)

All four of the actors are sexually versatile on screen. Off-screen, David Anthony is available for rent in Philadelphia and Caleb King is available for rent in Toronto. Luke Adams says he’s considering renting himself out. (It’s hard to make a real living from gay porn alone.) Casey Williams I don’t know about.

An odd side matter: the file for image #1 in the XBlog posting is named TitanCyberMon15, which was converted in several places to TITANCYBERMON15, which I was inclined to read as a poper name Titancy Bermon followed by an index of 15. Well, it turns out that several people have adopted Titancy as a screen name, especially for gaming.  But no Titancy Bermon, so it’s available as a pseudonym.

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