I love my Jack Adams

The most recent Daily Jocks ad, with a darkly brooding model in Jack Adams  briefs who’s performing the first step in a cock-tease show, pulling down one side of those briefs, hinting that he might be willing to give us more:


I love my Jack Adams

When Adam delved
Into his briefs,
Seeking his identity,
He named himself —
For his belovèd

In its ads, the underwear firm Jack Adams (JA) — it specializes in jockstraps, but offers a full range of styles — focuses on masculinity, with an unmistakable homoerotic subtext, though its statements are tamer, emphasizing athleticism and stylishness, as here:

Jack Adams – Defined By The Man Who Wears It: Founded in 2010, Jack Adams is an underwear and activewear brand that’s defined by the man who wears it. We appeal to the athletic man with a masculine style – and a strong sense of style at that. We are one of the few brands that clearly acknowledge the confidence that can come from a fashionable, maybe even sexy pair of underwear. That’s why the quintessential Jack Adams man is self-assured, comfortable in his own skin, and even more comfortable in Jack Adams style.

The firm’s name conjures up (no doubt intentionally) a huge assortment of associations, masculine and sexual, with Jack, jack, and Adam.

JA uses a wide range of model types (though they’re all in fantastic shape), with a variety of presentations of themselves. The guy above falls pretty far out on the male-hustler end of the scale.

I’ll look at a bunch of Jack Adams models in a little while. But first, notes on two of the allusions in my caption above.

The title. An echo of the British singer-songwriter Donovan’s song “I Love My Shirt”, from the 1969 album Barabajagal, a song you can hear at this YouTube link.

Delving.  That is, ‘digging’. Here the echo is of a famous couplet:


From the Victorian Web site, this is a William Morris illumination of A Dream of John Ball (1892), on the words of reformist preacher John Ball during the 1381 peasant rebellion (a sermon about the unequal distribution of wealth).

Previously on this blog. Two postings with JA in them. On 1/16/13, a posting on “The H fly”: the horizontal or army fly, which allows a man to fish out his penis from above with ease, illustrated by the JA Army Fly Jock Brief (in case you’ve forgotten, a jock brief is a brief in front, a jockstrap – hence open-rear – in back; sort of like a mullet, business in front, party in the rear).

And then on 9/14/15, a posting on “Alex Minsky and his underwear”, on 2014 JA model Minsky: heavily tattoed, very hot, and with a prosthetic lower right leg.

Jesse Jordan. That was 2014. The 2013 JA model was Jesse Jordan, a favorite of mine. Also tattooed, but more lightly, and given to facial expressions that suggest he might be about to smile — certainly, neither overtly seductive nor challenging. Three items. First, the JA Footballer Lace Up Jockstrap (in red and black), a preposterous but entertaining garment:


Then a JA Army Fly Brief (with H fly), in black (and now we see the tattoing on his right pec: “Ich Liebe” ‘I love’):


And the JA Core Boxer Brief, in grey, with a great big jutting pouch:


From the Model Mayhem site, we learn that 34-year-old Jesse Daniel Jordan, who lives in L.A., is a big man (6′ 2″, 203 lbs.). From his sweetly enthusiastic personal statement, we learn that he’s also a hair stylist:

I [have] been very fortunate to work in many different avenues of entertainment. I have modeled for magazines and billboards, was on a reality tv show on Bravo called “Workout,” acted in commercials, and I am a licensed hair stylist. As a hair stylist I have worked with some of the top magazines and celebrities. I am open to both modeling and hair jobs. I consider myself a kind and hard working person so feel free to message me about potential jobs. THANK YOU!

Dylan Austin Scott. Male fitness model Scott was the 2012 JA model. As far as I can tell, he’s inkless, and he’s clean-shaven. Two poses, in the JA BodyFlex Mesh Jockstrap, in black, snapping a strap; and in the JA Trainer Trunk, in white, with another big jutting pouch:



And then, out of his underwear. showing off his muscles and smiling devilishly through cock-teasing:


One more JA model: John Strand, shown here in a JA Air Mesh Track Short:


One of his moods. In a wilder mood and a different presentation of self, he’s posed for a number of cock-tease shots by David Wagner, for instance:


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