Sweet rainbow food

In a continuing series, more food with a rainbow theme, this time from the sizable Flickr site Rainbow Sugar, which says:

Anything that is rainbow color and sweet, belongs in this group

(The comma between subject and predicate, marking a breathing point in the sentence (especially with a complex subject), once very common, is now treated as non-standard punctuation, an error.)

(Hat tip to Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky.)

Two examples: rainbow cookies and rainbow (jelly) fruit slices (with only part of the rainbow shown here; we need purple and blue at the left end):



Huge numbers of rainbow cakes, of course, ranging from the subtle to the garish.

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  1. Peggy Daroesman Says:

    Also interesting is the list of ingredients shown on the jar. It includes flour (tepung) and sugar (gula) but also butter (butter). When I was a young girl living in Malaysia, the word used for “butter” was “mentega”. But back in those days, airplane used to be “kapal terbang” (flying ship) and is now “plen”, and “tren” is now used for “train” in place of “kereta api” or “fiery vehicle”. I enjoy reading your blog — thanks for the enlightenment and the amusement!

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