Arnie Levin

This fine New Yorker cartoon by Arnie Levin, sent to me by Sally Page Byers and Amanda Walker (along with an X-rated composition by Pierre et Gilles and an X-rated photograph by Wolfgang Tillmans; posting on Tillmans on AZBlogX, here):


A play on the proverbial “An elephant never forgets”.

The Wikipedia page on Arnold Levin (who goes by the name Arnie) is a minimal stub. But there’s a nice interview with Levin by Richard Gehr in the Comics Journal in 2012.

I’ve posted two Levin cartoons (on the Grim Reaper theme) on this blog, here. Here are two more by him, with some linguistic interest. One takes advantage of an ambiguity in go out:


And the other exploits the playful morphological process of Shm-Reduplication:


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  1. Arnie Levin Says:

    Nice…thank you!!!

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