Another portmanrito

Into a world that already has the Whopperrito, the Sushirrito, and the turkerito there now bursts the Protein Bar-rito (from the Protein Bar & Kitchen). Where will this end?

Photo on the hoof by Mike Pope, from the Protein Bar location at 151 N. Michigan Ave. in Chicago:

(#1) Protein Bar + burrito

Mike declared that the name really didn’t work for him — no doubt because Protein Bar has accented /ar/, while burrito has unaccented syllabic /r/, and those are pretty far apart phonetically.

From the company site, “Protein Bar & Kitchen: Bowls & Bar-ritos”:

Powered by organic quinoa blend, served in your choice of a bowl or grilled low-carb tortilla: all-natural steak, signature roasted tofu, all-natural chicken

Named combos:

Mexicali (all-natural chicken, corn and black beans, cheddar, kale, salsa, spicy tomatillo lime sauce and chipotle yogurt yogurt topped with avocado),

(#2) The Mexicali

Steakhouse Ranch, Black Bean, Spicy Korean (all-natural steak, diced cucumber, radish, spinach, pickled carrot and sweet and spicy sauce), Classic Buffalo (all-natural chicken, blue cheese, celery, carrot and traditional buffalo sauce), Spinach & Pesto

Company locations: Chicago area (13 locations), Boulder & Denver CO, Washington DC (2 locations).

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