Down and dirty underwear for Mothers Day

(Underwear guy, allusions to sexual practices. Imbibe with caution.)

Yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad, an “X-rated Sale” for Mothers Day weekend, with a caption of mine:

  spent husk

drained from a
day in hard harness
sprawled half-conscious
tits jutting codpiece
glistening abs
huge elegant feet
hazy hint of that
hole of male delight

An odd sale offer for Mothers Day weekend, but maybe (as I’ll suggest in another posting) it’s really for Muthuhs Day. That would work.

The ad copy:

CellBlock13 is the raunchy big daddy to its founder Timoteo. Created with a unique style for the man that likes to get down and dirty in his underwear choices, you’ll love CellBlock13’s risqué and seductive designs.

The company specializes in fetishwear, but especially harnesses and codpieces. See my 7/23/17 posting “Codpieces on Cellblock 13”.

Then there’s spent husk. From a 1/3/18 posting, “More spent husks”:

SH8: Seized by an empty shell

In my 12/31 posting “El Bruto commands” there appeared two of my collages on the theme Spent Husks (SH #1 “The Wages of Dissolution” in #2 there, SH #2 “The Lost Boys” in #3 there). The theme of the set is the folk-medical idea that ejaculation is using up, spending, a portion of a finite stock of the essence of masculinity, of male strength; in this view, a man has only so many shots in him, so that frequent masturbation and other sexual activity depletes the stock, eventually reducing a man prematurely to a spent husk, an impotent, desexed shell.

Couple this idea with the belief that gay men are extraordinarily profligate sexually, and you get the view that even young, vital-seeming gay men are just pretty, but rapidly degenerating, husks of humanity. Et in Arcadio ego.

From this spring the SH collages.

… (A subtheme in the collages is that of male prostitution, indicated by symbols of financial exchange in [some of] the collages: the idea is that stud hustlers (and other male sex workers) have even more sex than the rest of us, depleting both themselves and their johns.)

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