Yesterday I posted a “starving artist” cartoon featuring Frosty the Snowman, but wasn’t able to identify the artist. This morning’s advance was that Larry Schourup found a copy with the artist’s signature not cropped off — but he couldn’t read the signature! I’ve managed to decode it: Chad Carpenter, of the strip Tundra. Snowmen are one of his specialties.

Carpenter has done dozens of snowmen cartoons; there’s even a 2012 book Nothing But Snowmen. Here are two, the first with a trans Frosty, the second turning on an ambiguity in the verb pick:



Tundra has come up on this blog twice before, but in connection with penguins rather than snowmen: once on 6/12/13 (along with Bloom County cartoons), then on 8/5/13. Other recurring themes: wildlife, especially in the Arctic; and outhouses.

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