Masturbation May finale: the naked brownies

(Consider the title: not for kids or the sexually modest.)

(#1) Josh Rider and his baking pan; his half-hard dick has been cropped for WordPress modesty, but can be viewed in my AZBlogX posting today, “Josh Rider bakes raw”

Into the baking frenzy of coronovirus lockdowns strides utterly naked gay pornstar Josh Rider, for the NakedSword division of Falcon Studios, with a charming video about making brownies. While he earnestly prepares the batter, sporting enthusiastic smiles (and gives an entirely serviceable recipe), he occasionally plays negligently with his pornstar dick (half-hard in this portion of the video), but the focus is on the cooking. His delivery of the recipe sounds like someone chatting with a friend, not like an actor’s line readings, and not at all like the wooden readings porn actors often provide.

When the batter goes into the oven, he strokes his cock to its full 9 inches (uncut) and jacks off for us, his intense blue eyes firmly staring into the camera, locking his gaze with his viewers’. Then an admirable cumshot, with intense come face; crucial moments in screen shots below. Somehow it’s all sweetly light-hearted. A gem of a piece, worth watching as performance art.

(#2) Just before coming

(#3) Just after coming

(#4) A taste of cum as a further reward

(He doesn’t deal with anything sizzling or boiling or otherwise threatening to the body, so he excites no anxiety over his naked torso and exposed dick. But in general, there’s a reason why people wear aprons (and sometimes mitts) in the kitchen.)

The Falcon ad copy, relatively restrained for the genre:

Falcon Exclusive Josh Moore whips out his favorite brownie recipe and dives into the quarantine baking craze, but he does it better than anyone: NAKED! The devilishly handsome British beauty greases pans, sifts flour, cracks eggs and whips them, and his viewers, into a frenzy, all the while playing with his enormous uncut cock. Once the pan goes in the oven Josh finds himself with some time to kill and dives into everyone’s other favorite pastime, a hot J.O. session. So sit back and jack along in this sexy scene that will leave you asking “Brownies? What brownies?”

In celebration of Masturbation May, which ends in a couple of days, the short video is available free until the end of the month. (Other porn studios have other offers for the occasion,  but nothing quite like this one.)

My own contribtion to the month is a new Page on this blog on Masturbation postings.

Notes on Josh Rider aka Josh Moore. The persona he presents in Naked Baking is charming, playful, openly and apparently uncomplicatedly gay, utterly at ease with himself, and engaged with his audience (look at me, buddy! I’m doing all this for you). It takes a moment to get accustomed to his almost entirely untouched working-class English variety from Dover (in the southeast of England), and then that becomes part of the charm. He loves displaying his body and getting all sexed up, and some of it is intense, but none of it comes across as dirty, not even deliciously so. After a couple of minutes it just seems natural that he should be cooking naked, while occasionally playing with the foreskin of his cock. As any young man might.

His first porn work was for Lucas Entertainment in 2016, and since then he’s worked for a number of studios. Here he is in a rear shot for UK Hot Jocks:

(#5) A publicity shot of the man offering his ass for fucking. Rider is labeled Versatile in studio writeups, but in interviews he expresses a strong inclination to bottoming (a masculine bottom with a really big dick is some sort of ultimate lust object for a fair number of gay men; yes, the psychology is complex)

On his dick size, in my 2/17/20 posting “Preference labels and little pockets”, I provided the fanciful labels Porn Standard Dick (PSD) for 7″ and Porn World-Class Dick (PWD) for 9″ (possessed by only about 1% of American men). Rider’s stated position is that with a cock that big, he should use it to fuck other guys (big dicks being a common fetish) at least once in a while.

At least he’s 6 feet tall, so his cock isn’t completely out of scale with the rest of his body. That body is an athlete’s, not a bodybuilder’s, so he just looks like a guy who’s in really good shape.

Well, yes, I do find him enormously attractive. And of course I jacked off with him.

2 Responses to “Masturbation May finale: the naked brownies”

  1. Robert Coren Says:

    Some might find it a bit discomfiting for him to be handling his cock while also handling food.

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    A few notes from FB discussions with Rebecca Wheeler.

    First, to stress that both she (completely new to gay porn) and I (something of a scholar of the genre) found Rider’s performance “charming” — not something I’m accustomed to seeing in gay porn.

    Then, on its being performance art (also a surprise), I noted that in fact it’s an astonishingly meta performance: it *is* gay porn, but it’s also an extended comic riff *about* gay porn (apparently, anything, even cooking instructions, can have mansex grafted onto it; preposterously, mansex lurks in every damn thing, obsessively) — and that I don’t know of anything else quite like it.

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