Harvest art

It’s harvest season here in the Northern Hemisphere, so along with the bounty of autumn’s actual harvest, we get a parallel harvest of fruit and vegetable art, especially in ceramic and blown glass. From the Palo Alto Art Center in the mail today, this pleasing display of ceramic pears (in a ceramics and jewelry sale November 19th and 20th):


(You can find tons of ceramic fruits, of all sorts, on the web.)

And glass pumpkin shows seem to be everywhere. Here, for instance, is part of an exhibition of Cohn-Stone — Michael Cohn & Molly Stone, of Richmond CA — hand-blown glass pumpkins at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus OH:


(Cohn-Stone exhibit at a number of botanical gardens.)

Branching out into other materials, we have Williams-Sonoma’s Staub Cast-Iron Pumpkin Cocotte, 3 1/2-Qt., made in France.


From the company’s enthusiastic site:

Celebrate the fall harvest with a collectible kitchen-to-table cocotte in the natural shape of a pumpkin. Cast iron’s unparalleled ability to retain heat makes this piece a great choice for slow-cooking the season’s signature soups, stews, pot roasts and braises. As practical as it is beautiful, the cocotte features Staub’s innovative enamel coating for superior performance, style and durability.

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