Ben, advertising

(Some explicit talk about man-man sex, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Today’s Daily Jocks ad, announcing in a shriek that CURBWEAR IS BACK!, with a shot of model Ben advertising one of his identities (on briefs in the British firm’s IDENTITY line):


And here advertising another one of his identities (on an IDENTITY singlet and briefs):


My caption:

Greek receptive, French insertive, that’s the way
Ben swings, and he has underwear to
Advertise his identities. His boyfriend likes
Sandwich sessions with Ben: blow him for a while,
Screw him – well, really, provide Hungry Ben with a
Dildo dick and a cum load – then finish Ben off in his
Mouth. Works for them both, and Sam gets a long time to
Look up into Ben’s handsome face, and into
The astounding eyes that once
Beckoned Sam to pursue a perfect
Stranger off the street for
Risky sex in a
Grubby alleyway.

We’ve visited Curbwear’s IDENTITY line before, in a 2/27/15 posting “Color and advertising your preferences”. Available slogans: Blow Me, Power Bottom, Total Top, Versatile, Circuit Boy, Active.

Ben is the model’s name on the Curbwear site. Sam is my invention. In any case, Ben and Sam are characters, not actual people.

Now, shots of Ben displaying his body and his identities out and about in London:



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