(This is a fantasy using a big set of Daily Jocks ads for men’s high-end underwear. A fantasy about male prostitution, entirely unsuitable for kids or the sexually modest. Discussion in very plain language of men’s bodies and man-on-man sex, plus sexual fetishes and paraphilias, some of them distasteful.) offers top-quality MeatMen at good prices. We supply a variety of types of meat, each piece with a catalog number and a nick (no real names are used in transactions). A few prime pieces of special interest, some on sale:

#419, Bondi: mixed-race piece from Oz, foul-mouthed:


#253, Zen: Asian piece, insolent, huge dick:


#520, Rap: black piece, muscleman, pretty in pink:


#401, Rip: white piece, outdoorsy, switches easily between giving and taking aggression:


We specialize in young, very fit, highly masculine pieces of meat, but on request we can supply other types. In particular, we have a small stable of good-looking nelly queens who can supply the full range of services of the butch pieces (described below); and we have a small stable of older pieces, who are, like the younger ones, very fit and highly masculine.

All our pieces are certified to be at least 21 years old; our photographs and descriptions are guaranteed to be recent and accurate; your piece will turn up clean and well-groomed (unless you specifically request otherwise); and he will have been recently tested for a full range of STDs and certified disease-free at the time of testing. Nevertheless, you’re being serviced by a stud hustler who’s tricked with a boatload of men, so we insist that condoms be used in fucking, no exceptions.

All our pieces are experienced and adept at all the services we offer. Before we whore them out, they are field-tested by others in our stable, and if they are inexperienced in some of these services or reluctant to perform them, they are trained by their stable mates (at our expense) until they can perform them with skill and enthusiasm.

We provide out-calls or (for a small surcharge) service on our site, which is well supplied with bedrooms and rooms for sex play (private or public).

Insofar as we can respond to them, we will entertain requests for pieces with specific personal characteristics: crudely working-class; college-educated intelligent conversationalist; fan of a particular sports team; opera queen; motorcycle gearhead; whatever. You’re also welcome to treat your trick as nothing but a piece of meat. (Physical characterstics will be clear from the catalog photos and descriptions.)

Payment beforehand to our agency, by any means you wish. No other money is to change hands unless you want to tip your piece for especially satisfying services, in which case you should pay him cash, and the transaction is entirely between the two of you. Any piece of meat who asks for a tip will be fired immediately. Whatever happens between the two of you sexually, you are in control of the transaction. (However, our hustlers are an investment; a good piece can easily work for ten years, so we want to support him in many ways: we pay for his gym membership, provide him not only with a significant cut of the profits but also reasonable benefits, and intend to protect him from mistreatment by johns. If you treat your piece badly in any way, you’ll never be able to hire meat from us again, and we’ll do our best to see that no other agency will take you on either.)

Standard service runs $200/hr., one hour minimum. (In the trade, a one-hour encounter is called a quicky.) Discount rates on longer services, but you have to stick to however many hours you contracted for. So if you think that if your initial sexual encounter goes well, you might want to take a break for affection or talk and then go at it again in a while, you should contract for two hours. Remember that your piece is on the clock, and if it’s just quickies for him, he’ll probably want to do three a night, and you need to respect that.

Standard service covers all of the following: kissing (you actively kissing him, you receptively taking his kiss, mutual exchange), stroking any or all parts of the body, light slapping, tit play (his tits, your tits, both), armpit play (your armpits, his, both), nuzzling and sucking balls (him on you, you on him, both), jacking off (him on you, you on him, mutual), rubbing cock on his body (you on him, him on you, mutual), rimming (him licking you, you licking him, taking turns), sucking cock (him doing you, you doing him, 69, taking turns), fucking (you in him, him in you, flip fucking), verbal abuse (you on him, him on you, exchanging dirty talk), and simple watersports (see below).

Your trick will be prepared to do any or all of these things, with enthusiasm and entirely without shame, and he wants to give you what you want, without any judgment on you. For him to do his job, he needs you to say what you want: what you require (maybe you want to be fucked hard and deep), what you won’t do (lots of men won’t rim a guy, and a surprising number won’t kiss, no matter what else they’ll do), and specific details about your wishes (maybe it turns you on to be verbally abused, but being called a faggot is over the line; maybe you’re ashamed that your cock is small, but it suits you to stand up to the humiliation of being called a little-dicked bitch). Your trick will follow your lead – he’s a pro — but he has to know what’s in your head. We’ll give you a form that you can fill out ahead of time, so that you don’t have to negotiate face-to-face. Or, if you want, your trick will negotiate with you on the spot, get you to speak your desires out loud – a kind of sex act in itself.

Extended service (fetishes and paraphilias) runs $250-$500/hr., depending on what you want. (Frankly, the agency makes its biggest profits on these services.) Again, you’ll have to say what you want; not every piece of meat in our stable is comfortable with all of these acts, though for each we have at least a couple of enthusiasts. At the low end of the scale is advanced watersports. Simple watersports is getting pissed on or pissing on your trick, or taking his piss in your mouth (and you can ask for weak piss or strong, bitter piss, your choice). Advanced watersports is pissing in your trick’s mouth.

Then we get to various kinds and levels of bdsm, involving restraint, obedience, dominance, submission, and pain. And elaborate role-playing, for instance a fantasy in which one man plays a stern father to the other man’s boy, or in which one man submits as a slave to the other man as master, or military or prison fantasies. And specific fetishes, like the (very common) sexual fetishization of feet. Or of feces: if you want your trick to literally fuck the shit out of you, or you want to literally fuck the shit out of him, then we’re into messy scat territory, even if no one actually takes shit into his mouth. For all of this stuff, you need to tell us in some detail what you want, so we can match you with a meat man: not all of our pieces are sufficiently good at acting to cover all the parts that clients have asked for, and not all of them are comfortable with some of the fetishes (a few in the current stable aren’t comfortable drinking piss, and though they’re all willing to shit in another guy’s mouth, only two are willing to eat (as a practical matter, this scarcely affects the agency, since it seems that shiteaters hugely outnumber shitfeeders).

Now back to some highlights from our current catalog.

Double-teaming. This is #123, Paco (half-Hispanic) and #215, Stavros (Greek-American): looking insolent:


Paco and Stavros prefer to work together, doubling down on a john. They are boyfriends in real life, both fully versatile on the job (though at home Paco prefers to bottom and Stavros to top).

Tatman. #396, Inky: white guy, intensely oral (pitching and catching):


The Flash. #276, Balls: All-American white guy, in constant motion, huge nuts:


The Swimmer. #401, Fish: cute white boy, high school swimmer, now working on a computer science degree, will do absolutely anything sexually, currently on sale:


Body Proud. #367, Pits: another high school jock, vain about his body, fucked by every single guy on the baseball team, voted most valuable player, also on sale:


Stands His Ground. #228, Rocco: Italian-American fashion queen, can maintain a hard-on indefinitely, almost instant bounce-back (refractory period of only a few minutes):


By Subscription. #405, Showy: Armenian-American bodybuilder, loves to display his basket in jockstraps, available for a monthly subscription service (he’s yours once a month for a year)


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