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Recently on cable re-runs, a series of three CSI: NY episodes from 2010 (in season 7) with John Larroquette as police Chief Ted Carver: episode 7 (“Hide Sight” 11/5/10), episode 8 (“Scared Stiff” 11/12/10), and the moving episode 9 (“Justified” 11/19/10). From Wikipedia:

John Bernard Larroquette (born November 25, 1947) is an American actor. His roles include [the devious, womanizing] Dan Fielding on the 1984–1992 sitcom Night Court (winning a then-unprecedented four consecutive Emmy Awards for his role), Mike McBride in the Hallmark Channel series McBride, John Hemingway on The John Larroquette Show, Lionel Tribbey on The West Wing, and Carl Sack in Boston Legal.

A veteran and hard-working tv actor, especially on sitcoms, but also in some movies.

On CSI: NY, Larroquette with series star Gary Sinese:


And in the Night Court cast:


back row: Richard Moll as bailiff Bull Shannon, Harry Anderson as Judge Harry Stone, Charles Robinson as court clerk Mac Robinson

front row: John Larroquette as prosecutor Dan Fielding, Markie Post as public defender Christine Sullivan, Marsha Warfield as bailiff Roz Russell

On the show, from Wikipedia:

Night Court is an American television situation comedy that aired on NBC from January 4, 1984, to May 31, 1992. The setting was the night shift of a Manhattan court, presided over by the young, unorthodox Judge Harold T. “Harry” Stone (played by Harry Anderson). It was created by comedy writer Reinhold Weege, who had previously worked on Barney Miller in the 1970s and early 1980s.

… Gradually, …  Night Court abandoned its initial “real world” setting, and changed to what could best be described as broad, almost slapstick comedy. Logic and realism were frequently sidelined for more surreal humor, such as having the cartoon character, Wile E. Coyote, as a defendant and convicting him for harassment of The Road Runner with an admonition to find a meal by some other means. In the opening episode of Season 4, a ventriloquist dummy talks on his own without the ventriloquist to Dan [Fielding] , only to freak him out and make him shout and back away slowly down the hall.

The central character in the show was Judge Stone, but Larroquette’s character Fielding was clearly the star. Larroquette, Anderson, and Moll appeared in every episode of the show.

On Anderson:

Harry Laverne Anderson (born October 14, 1952) is an American actor, screenwriter, director and magician. He is best known for the role of Judge Harry Stone on the 1984–92 television series Night Court. In addition to eight appearances on Saturday Night Live between 1981 and 1985, Anderson had a recurring guest role as con man “Harry the Hat” on Cheers, toured extensively as a magician, and did several magic/comedy shows for broadcast, including Harry Anderson’s Sideshow (1987). (link)

and Moll:

Charles Richard Moll (born January 13, 1943) is an American actor and voice artist, best known for playing Bull Shannon, the bailiff on the NBC sitcom Night Court from 1984 to 1992. Moll has also done extensive work as a voice actor, typically using his deep voice to portray villainous characters in animation and video games. [Moll is 6 ft. 8 in. tall] (link)


the public defenders: Gail Strickland as Sheila Gardner (pilot) , Paula Kelly as Liz Williams (rest of season 1), Ellen Foley as Billie Young (season 2), Markie Post as Christine Sullivan (seasons 3-9)

the bailiffs: Moll (as Bull Shannon) throughout; female bailiffs, in succession: Selma Diamond as Selma Hacker (seasons 1 and 2), Florence Halop as Florence Kleiner (season 3), Marsha Warfield as Roz Russell (seasons 4-9)

the court clerks: Karen Austin as Lana Wagner (season 1), Charles Robinson as Mac Robinson (seasons 2-9)

And a huge cast of other quirky characters.

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  1. Nancy Friedman Says:

    He also has a recurring role in the new HBO series “The Brink,” as the Bible-thumping U.S. ambassador to Pakistan.

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