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Some links recently added on my website, in three sets: early papers on mathematical and computational linguistics; two papers on sentences with “empty” arguments; and two others, on language in use.

(Most of this material originally appeared in obscure and/or hard-to-obtain publications.)

(Immense thanks to Ned Deily for scanning these in for me.)

Set 1: early papers in mathematical and computational linguistics (including both Isard & Zwicky collaborations).

“Grammars of number theory: Some examples” (MITRE Corp., 1963).

Stephen Isard & Arnold Zwicky, Some aspects of tree theory” (MITRE Corp., 1963).

Zwicky, Friedman, Hall, & Walker, “The MITRE syntactic analysis procedure for transformational grammars” (AFIPS Proc., 1965).

Stephen Isard & Arnold Zwicky, “Three open questions in the theory of one-symbol Smullyan systems” (SIGACT News, 1970).

Jerrold Sadock & Arnold Zwicky, “A note on xy languages” (Linguistics and Philosophy, 1985).

[AMZ’s section of] Lauri Karttunen & Arnold Zwicky, “Introduction” to Natural Language Parsing (Dowty, Karttunen, & Zwicky, 1985).

Set 2: “empty” arguments in English. (I’ll eventually have reason to refer to these in a danglerology posting.)

“On the subject of bare imperatives” (Duncan-Rose & Vennemann, Festschrift for Robert P. Stockwell, 1988).

“Empty NPs in English and government in unexpected places” (Edmundson, Feagin, & Mühlhäusler, Festschrift for Charles-James N. Bailey, 1990).

Set 3: other papers.

Arnold Zwicky & Ann Zwicky, “Telegraphic registers in written English” (Sankoff & Cedergren, 1981). [this completes the set of papers by Ann and me]

“The OSU random, unorganized collection of speech act examples” (OSU Working Papers in Linguistics, 1986). [a treasure-trove of puzzles for the analyst]

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