First there were celebutantes …

… and now there are Bravolebrities or Bravo-lebrities (as Victor Steinbok has reported to me from his tv watching): Bravo celebrities, that is, celebrities on the Bravo Channel. (On celebutante and other celeb- words, see Ben Zimmer, here.)

Plenty of ghits for the portmanteau, for instance, these:

A Bravo-Lebrity Cartoon Explosion By KCSCougar (link) [cartoons depicting Bravo-lebrities]

Bravolebrities: Out and About May
Check out what your fave Bravo stars were up to this week! (link)

And even some with the word as a mass noun:

He told the Post that the exposure has given him his own tiny taste of Bravolebrity. (link)

Victor notes that for various reasons “Bravo is one of the few cable channels that even could be used that way.”


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