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Unsure of how the song title was entered in my  iTunes — “Fuck You”, “F**k You”, or “Forget You” (the answer turns out to be “Fuck You [Explicit]”) — I searched for it under the artist’s name, and got only as far as the “Cee” of “Cee Lo Green” when five items popped up:

The Continental
Fuck You
The King shall rejoice
Les Contes D’Hoffmann
Pretty Please (Love Me)

What a wonderful melange! I will explain. But you might find it entertaining to try to figure out where “Cee” comes in (other than for my target song “Fuck You”). Remember that these searches are case- and diacritic-insensitive.

1. “The Continental”. Sung and danced by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. From the soundtrack of The Gay Divorcee.

2. “Fuck You [Explicit]”. By Cee Lo Green.

3. “The King shall rejoice”. Sung by the choir of King’s College, Cambridge. From the section “Exceeding glad shall he be” in Handel’s Coronation Anthem No. 3. Tied with #4 for difficulty in identification, in my opinion.

4. Les Contes D’Hoffmann, by Offenbach. Sung by Nicolai Gedda. The track in question is from Act IV, Scene 1: Pourtant, Ô ma Fiancée.

5. “Pretty Please (Love Me)”. From the Sex and the City soundtrack. Sung by Estelle, featuring Cee-Lo. [That would be Cee-Lo, aka Cee Lo, Green, né Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, again.]


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