Thurber cartoons

Over on Language Log yesterday, I assembled a collection of James Thurber cartoons on the relations between the sexes, and that reminded me of favorite Thurber cartoons on other topics — in particular, this one:


The caption: “Touché!”

When my booklet Mistakes was published, this was the image I wanted for the cover art — now, there’s a serious mistake — but the fee for it turned out to be too steep.

Other Thurber drawings:

the cast-iron lawn dog (link)

It’s a naive domestic Burgundy without any breeding, but I think you’ll be amused by its presumption. (link)

What have you done with Dr. Millmoss? (link)

The link to that last image is broken, so here the cartoon is again:

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  1. Robert Says:

    I am at the moment unable to find an online instance of one my favorites, in which a character in what I remember as a “Wild West” saloon confronts another by saying aggressively, “I beg to differ with you!”

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  4. Geoffrey Schur Says:

    Well, I somehow stumbled across this blog and on finding the image of the “touché” cartoon I need to say that as a child I grew up under the original drawing of the cartoon. It was on sketchbook type paper, framed above my bed. Kinda gave me the creeps! I wonder what it would be worth today

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      If that’s a Thurber original, it would indeed be worth a good bit. Did you grow up in the part of CT where your business is now? That would be close to where Thurber lived in his later years.

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