Today’s political portmanteau

The world of political commentary and political reporting is much given to digs via portmanteaus. Today’s political portmanteau: Newtiny (Newt + mutiny), as reported with evident snarky relish by Alex Massie today on the Spectator site:

Newtiny! Newtiny! They’ve All Got It Newtiny!

Oh look! Newt Gingrich’s preposterous Presidential “campaign” has imploded. His top strategists and campaign staff have resigned en masse and so has his Iowa staff. What a shame. Turns out that staffers didn’t appreciate Newt taking his latest wife on a cruise around the Greek islands while they were working hard to sell the impossible dream of President Gingrich. Hence the Newtiny.

Details in the calmer, cooler media.

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  1. Ian Preston Says:

    Does “X! X! They’ve all got it X!” qualify yet for snowclone status?

    The urtext is of course here in Carry on Cleo but see also:

    Alchemy! Alchemy! They’ve all got it alchemy!

    Entropy! Entropy! They’ve all got it entropy!

    Empathy! Empathy! They’ve all got it empathy!

    Hegemony! Hegemony! They’ve all got it hegemony!

    Misanthropy! Misanthropy! They’ve all got it misanthropy!

    Inktomi! Inktomi! They’ve all got it Inktomi!

    Informe! Informe! They’ve all got it Informe!

    … and so on.

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