Schadenfreudian slip

Today’s Zippy:

Griffy and Zippy contemplate the end of the world, and Griffy wonders if Schadenfreude would be appropriate in the situation. Zippy then takes it one step further with the POp (phrasal overlap portmanteau) Schadenfreudian slip (Schadenfreude + Freudian slip) — except that he puns on slip, calling up slipping on a banana peel.

Others have used the POP to play in other ways on slip. Here’s a set of Flickr photos with slip the article of clothing. And here a very brief YouTube video with Schadenfreudian slip conveying ‘accidentally letting someone know you’re glad they’re a failure’ (if you’re not experienced with Australian English, be prepared to listen to this one several times to reassure yourself that I’ve transcribed it correctly).

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