A hopeful misreading

Glanced at yesterday’s NYT when it arrived at 6 a.m., and read the headline for the top story:

[REDACTED] Chooses Hawke
For 3rd Security Adviser
As Shake-Up Continues

Ooh, I thought, a bold appointment: accomplished actor, director, and writer Ethan Hawke, a sturdy Democrat, feminist, and activist for gay rights.

Then I looked carefully at the headline and saw that it said Hawk (referring to a hawk, someone who supports a warlike policy in foreign affairs). not Hawke (referring to Ethan Hawke).  The appointment was of überhawk John Bolton.

From Wikipedia:

Ethan Hawke in 2017

Ethan Green Hawke (born November 6, 1970) is an American actor, writer, and director. He has been nominated for four Academy Awards and a Tony Award. Hawke has directed three feature films, three Off-Broadway plays, and a documentary, and written three novels.

He made his film debut with the 1985 science fiction feature Explorers, before making a breakthrough appearance in the 1989 drama Dead Poets Society. He then appeared in various films before taking a role in the 1994 Generation X drama Reality Bites, for which he received critical praise. In 1995, Hawke starred in Richard Linklater’s romantic drama film Before Sunrise, and later in its sequels Before Sunset (2004) and Before Midnight (2013), all of which met with critical acclaim.

… In addition to his film work, Hawke has appeared in many theater productions.

… Hawke identifies as a feminist and has criticized “the movie business [being] such a boys’ club.” … Hawke has repeatedly denounced what he perceives to be an overemphasis placed on the importance of monogamy in romantic relationships [a stance that might have pleased Helmet Grabpussy]

… He supports the United States Democratic Party … Hawke is also an activist for gay rights

More than that: “In an October 2012 interview, Hawke said that he prefers great art over politics” — so maybe not the best choice for national security advisor (Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs).


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