Annals of underwear: the medical jock strap

Just unearthed in my files, a follow-up to my 6/26/17 posting “Put a sock on it in parade season”, about cock socks: a 6/27 message from Aric Olnes:

I got this FB targeted ad for something called a Suspensory, which I had not heard of, that looks suspiciously like a cock sock or a ball sack with straps. I can only imagine typing dick sock or the content of [your] post is the connection. Now FB thinks I need a medical jock strap!



Suspensory Jockstrap for Scrotal/Testicle Support by FlexaMed  ($13.99)

About the product

Constructed with a solid white waistband and a soft, comfortable knit cotton/rayon breathable mesh support pouch with room to stretch

The suspensory jockstrap for scrotal/testicle support has a generous elasticized hole in front that fits most men

The waistband is adjustable for your specific level of support – one size fits all

Your scrotum/testicles will be comfortably secured

Inconspicuous under clothing and machine washable

The Suspensory Jockstrap for Scrotal/Testicle Support is designed to alleviate pain in your scrotal/testicle area. The suspensory jockstrap supports and protects your scrotum/testicles from external contact and rubbing between your legs. Recommended for large and enlarged testicles, hernia surgery, scrotal/testicle surgery, vasectomy relief.

This is the medical version — other brands and models are available — designed for testicle support, but of course there are fashion versions, designed to display the cock (and maybe to cushion the testicles, but that’s not the point). Also available from


CHICTRY Mens Fetish Penis Hole O-Rings Openwork Jockstrap Underwear

Sexy men’s stretchy briefs underwear.

Front strap with 2 press buttons, 2 O-rings connected.

Elastic penis hole, open butt.

Perfect for lingerie night or self pleasure.

The larger O-ring slides around the base of the scrotum, the smaller around the base of the penis shaft.

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