Il gioco di parole è mobile

Somewhat out-of-kilter word play: the purely orthographic pun. On this blog on 1/27/14, a Bizarro with King George IV and playing on IV ‘the 4th’ vs. IV ‘intravenous’. And on 7/26/15, a Dave Blazek cartoon turning on the ambiguity of the orthographic noun mobile:  mobile ‘mobile phone’ vs. mobile ‘scupture that is suspended so as to turn freely in the air’. Cartoon in #2 there, an image of a mobile phone in #3, and an Alexander Calder mobile in #4. From that posting:

These two nouns are identical in spelling, but not pronunciation: the phone is a /móbǝl/ or /móbàjl/, the sculpture is a /móbìl/ (and Mobile AL is /mòbíl/).

Somewhat strained, but here it is again in yesterday’s Pearls Before Swine:

Well, it works on the page.

(Oh yes, Italian mobile ‘changeable, fickle’ is trisyllabic.)

(Hat tip to Andy Sleeper.)

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  1. astraya Says:

    In standard Australian English, mobile phone and art mobile are pronounced the same (/móbàjl/).

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