More male dancers

Back on the 10th, I posted on a beautifully muscled and athletic male ballet dancer (and his dance belt). Now some follow-ups, starting with a couple of photos from Mike McKinley (balletomane and former Trock) — another ballet dancer, one with extraordinary musculature, and a male pas de deux (as a bonus, naked) — which led to Matthew Bourne and his paired male dancers.

(The photos from McKinley came from pages for Facebook groups (Ballet Boys, Male Ballet Dancers), where they were, alas, uncredited.)

Muscle Man. In this photo:


Remarkable musculature — to my eyes, going over the line from wonderfully fit into the world of hyper-developed bodybuilders.

Male pas de deux. Two naked men performing remarkably gymnastic ballet:


Wonderful lines.

Matthew Bourne. Bourne is famous for (among other things) his gay version of Swan Lake, with a human male in love with a male swan. Then in 2009 came his ballet Dorian Gray. From the Guardian that year, a piece in which “Richard Winsor and Jason Piper talk about researching their roles, portraying paranoia and the power of an all-male duet”. The pair on stage:


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