Purses on the runway

[This posting links to a definitely X-rated video, not for kids or the sexually modest.]

A very odd video on the Bilerico website, posted by Bil Browning on March 18th, with the commentary:

I’m sure this is meant to be shocking or titillating, but a better word to describe it is “creepy.”

Male models strutted their stuff naked during a fashion show in Madrid. From the eerie music to the looks on the models’ faces, there’s nothing that says “sexy” about this parade of penis. Not only does it completely distract people from the purses, I can’t even tell you the name of the designer. The person who uploaded the video didn’t bother to include that info.

(Hat tip to Mike McKinley.)

The models’ faces are utterly affectless (as they are in many fashion shows), and they make no eye contact with the audience.

The models have bodies of quite a range of types (though all of them are fit; they are male models, after all) — but with a very narrow range of races/ethnicities. The receptacles they are carrying are all white, but they too are of a range of types, ranging far beyond purses.

And yes, not at all sexy, even for phallophiles. But funny — Browning seems to think inadvertently, but it could have been intentional.

3 Responses to “Purses on the runway”

  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Mike McKinley writes:

    They walked in such a strange, almost effeminate, manner. Of course, I don’t watch fashion — it bores me — but I am a keen observer of movement. Could be that it’s hard to “walk like John Wayne” with a purse.

  2. Drew Smith Says:

    Rather than representing a real fashion show, apparently it was a piece of performance art created by Alicia Framis and performed in 2006. More details here (NSFW photos): http://aliciaframis.com.mialias.net/2006-2/8-juin-libran-las-modelos/

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