Ballad of beef

(Not much about language.)

The Daily Jocks ad from yesterday, with a caption of mine:


His name was
Drogo, after the legendary
Horseman, but everyone called him
Oxo, because he was so

On the underwear, from the ad that goes with #1:


Show your patriotic side with these special edition undies. Featuring a soft waistband with a bold logo and printed flag, whilst the cotton/spandex blend will keep you feeling comfortable and looking great!

Available for USA, GBR, CAN, and AUS, but not (using other three-letter country codes) NZL, IRL, or ZAF. USA as in #1:


Flaunt your country! And your package!

The guy in #1 is in fact decidedly beefy in body type. That’s one big chest.

Beef cubes. Oxo is a trade name:


Oxo is a brand of food products, including stock cubes, herbs and spices, dried gravy, and yeast extract. The original product was the beef stock cube, but Oxo now also markets chicken and other flavour cubes, e.g. Chinese Recipe and Indian Recipe. The cubes are broken up and used as flavouring in meals or gravy or dissolved into boiling water.
… Concentrated meat extract was invented by Justus von Liebig around 1840 and commercialized by Liebig’s Extract of Meat Company (Lemco) starting in 1866. The original product was a viscous liquid containing only meat extract and 4% salt. In 1899, the company introduced the trademark Oxo for a cheaper version; the origin of the name is unknown, but presumably comes from the word ‘ox’. Since the cost of liquid Oxo remained beyond the reach of many families, the company launched a research project to develop a solid version that could be sold in cubes for a penny. After much research, the first Oxo cubes were produced in 1910 and further increased Oxo’s popularity. During World War I 100 million OXO cubes were provided to the armed services, all of them individually hand-wrapped. (Wikipedia link)

Khal Drogo. From Wikipedia:

Khal Drogo is a fictional character in the A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels by American author George R. R. Martin, and its television adaptation Game of Thrones.

Introduced in 1996’s A Game of Thrones, Khal [‘warlord’] Drogo is a Dothraki [a tribe of horsemen] from the continent of Essos.

Drogo is portrayed by Jason Momoa in the HBO television adaptation.


More juicy beefiness.

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