Further annals of sexual slang

Some time ago on ADS-L one of the list members wrote to ask about the verb fapp, which he’d seen in print but couldn’t interpret in context. The answer, from Urban Dictionary:

fapp ‘to masturbate furiously’

where it was said to be onomatopoetic in origin — from the “fap” noise generated by this activity (for males). And there’s fappening (cf. happening), fapping in a group.

New to me, but apparently reasonably well established in some circles. A visual (no body parts):


(Notice the finite clause as an object of the preposition about. Non-standard, but P + Clause is very common indeed.)

It’s not clear to me whether fappening is (in its origins) a portmanteau using the verb fapp, or whether fapp is a back-formation from a jokey fappening.

[Later note: a number of Facebook commenters say that they spell the verb FAP rather than FAPP.]

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  2. Paul Says:

    My understanding is that fap as onomatopoeia comes from http://sexylosers.com/

    I do not know when the second p started to appear.

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  5. Larry Schourup Says:

    Though I’d never seen fap(p) before, on a hunch I googled up fapulous, faptastic, fapworthy, & fap off. Plentiful hits for all 4 and their less plentiful ‘pp’ counterparts. Also in the menagerie: fap(p) as a noun (What is the guiltiest fap you have ever had? / Nothing a good fap can’t fix/ etc.), and the adjectives fappable and fappish.

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