Cartoon 2: Homonym Vampire

Another cartoon from Canada: a Rock, Paper, Cynic linguistic vampire cartoon:

In case this is coming to you slowly, think bat. Versus coughin’ / coffin, steak / stake, son / sun.

(Hat tip to Tim McDaniel.)

Cartoonist Peter Chiykowski’s notes:

First of all, yes, I know that all homonyms are technically homophones, but that would be boring to explain as a comic.

Awwww! I feel kind of bad for the Homonym Vampire and his very silly power! He doesn’t explain it in this comic, but he’s a close relative of the Homophone Vampire (sometimes called the Heterograph Vampire).

I feel like I could do some more work with linguistics/grammar jokes and supernatural creatures. Like exploring the family tree of the Interrogative Wherewolf: the Whenwolf, the Whatwolf, the Whowolf, the Whichwolf, and the lesser-known Whitherwolf (among others). [see “Der Werwolf”, here]

…actually, I think I will do that. Now to begin brainstorming!

Information on the cartoonist (from the RPC website):

Peter Chiykowski lives and schemes in Vancouver. He writes Rock, Paper, Cynic, an online comic with thousands of daily readers, and Little Worlds, an online urban fantasy graphic novel that benefits charity.

His poems n’ short stories have been published in Best Canadian Poetry in English 2011 (Tightrope Books), The New Quarterly, On Spec, PRISM International, Grain, and a bunch of other magazines and anthologies across North America.

… In 2010 he did a Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing (and then a Master’s in English) and now he’s hooked on poetry and storytelling.

(This is RPC‘s first appearance on this blog.)

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