Another winged man

(Pungently sexual stuff, not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Yesterday on my blogs, on Ganymede (always a beautiful youth) and Zeus (in art, sometimes an eagle, sometimes a winged man, sometimes just a powerful male figure):

on AZBlogX: “Ganymede’s tale” (where I note my long-time fantasy of sex-in-the-air with a winged man)

on this blog: “Ganymede on the fly” (a work of photographic art in which the Ganymede figure realizes this fantasy, magnificently and joyously)

Now to another winged man, i an image that has haunted me for years:


A dark, indistinct, noirish, black-and-white image — of TitanMen’s Steve Cannon, in the extreme leather/fetish film Fallen Angel (1997). Some dreams are made of this.

Here’s the official TitanMen poster, with the winged Cannon in bright fleshy color:


Cannon’s fallen angel serves as a kind of guide to the dark underworld of nasty mansex, and observer of all that happens down there. Lots of stirring images on the Titan site, with this TLAVideo review:

Filmed in Chicago, and fueled by the IML competition, this is the first of the now legendary, multi-award winning leather series. A smack across your ass… a hand twisting your tits… a stiff cock forcing your hole open… you know what turns you on, and so does TitanMen. Fallen Angel captures the intensity of sex between men who live their lives in leather. Flogging, piercing, spitting, dildos, bondage, mummification, plus all the fucking, sucking and big cocks you’d expect. Somewhere between heaven and hell there is a place — a place where leather is a way of life, a place where sex is a struggle for power and control, a place where the only winner is the man left standing — somewhere between heaven and hell there is Fallen Angel! Featuring 17 defiant, unleashed leathermen, including Kyle Brandon, Cole Tucker, Jim Buck and Steve Cannon, Fallen Angel has spawned several sequels, countless imitations and ultimately raised the bar by which all fetish films are judged. It’s “One of the nastiest fetish films ever made”

… Features the infamous Steve Cannon in his evil “angel wings”, sporting new tattoos, a buffer bod, and some killer (and no doubt erotically painful) body piercings.

(The director’s cut has, of course, penetration by oversized sex toys, piercing scenes, and plenty of watersports.)

The film (like TitanMen projects in general) has great production values (overseen by Bruce Cam), but it’s incrediby busy, and really noisy. Best viewed in small chunks, in my opinion, but then I’m nowhere near a hardcore leather/fetish person.

Following on this nasty classic, a series of films:

Fallen Angel II: Descending (1998)
Fallen Angel III: Initiation (2000)
Sea Men: Fallen Angel IV (2001)
Horse: Fallen Angel 5 (2004)
Legion: The Best of the Fallen Angel Collection (1997-2004)


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